My first memories of 'art' were mainly to do with steam engines, as I would doodle them for ages when I was knee-high to a grasshopper!

Taken from my dad's wonderful photographs, (which I have inherited). The next discovery was probably water colours, as I dabbled with oils, but I was just too impatient as they took so long to dry! I still feel the same way about them, & now use acrylics.

The next logical step was to attend Carlisle College of Art & Design from roughly 1967-69. There i discovered photography, as I did the graphics course, it is still a passion today. All of my modern work is based on my own photographs, taken in leisure.

Since those days, I have been an 'off & on' artist, as I have been busy with 'Blues & Rock n' Roll', but I do find painting a perfect foil for such shenanigans!

As for 'style'? It’s strange, as I have never consciously thought of just how & why I paint like I do... as I'm essentially a graphic artist, in other words, I paint things to more or less look like things! Of course there is an element of fine art in here too, as when I put down the basic colours, I do like to 'throw the paint about a bit'! Going back to my college years, I developed a liking for Paul Cezanne, though I certainly don't paint like him! & also Salvador Dali, so because of this I even made a sojourn to Figueras in Spain to see his gallery there. It was amazing and obviously surreal.